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Prepaid Wireless

Prepaid wireless customers are looking for a convenient way to purchase airtime for their cell phones.  Our POSA enables you to profit from this by offering the most up to date suite of prepaid wireless products available. When customers need cell phone airtime, they rely on retail locations to "top up", replenish, or refuel their account.  With our POSA system, you'll navigate a simple menu to select and print all prepaid wireless carrier's products.  Prepaid wireless airtime is sold in denominations that generally range between $10 - $100 each.   After the sale, your customer's wireless account will be credited with the amount of airtime purchased.  Once their airtime runs low, the customer will need to "top up" their account, giving you repeat business over and over again.

Prepaid Gift Cards

The person on the go needs a gift and needs it now!  With gift cards made available at convenience stores, your customer can choose from a large variety.  The perfect gift made quick and easy for anyone!   

Prepaid Long Distance Cards:

Prepaid long distance cards started as the leading prepaid product.  Whether calling within the US or internationally we have what your customer needs.  We carry all swipe activated products.  Product has no value until activated at the register.